“The women of TCUMC have always been passionate in meeting the needs of our community and our world. “Find a need and fill it” is our motto, and there is always a need to be filled! When this group of women get together united by a cause there is nothing that can stop them. All the cultural differences evaporate and they are united in filling a “human need” not a religion, not a race, not a political agenda. I believe that most women are “hard-wired” with a natural desire for compassion and justice. We want a world where children can be healthy and happy, we want loving families, and caring communities that attend to the aging, the homeless and those with disabilities and we are a powerful force when we join together in doing God’s “kingdom” work on earth as it is in heaven.” Pastor Debi

All women are welcome to join us! Our purpose is through the love of God to cultivate holy wholeness in our personal lives, in our church,in our community,in our country and in our world. We would love to have you join us in our mission to build God’s kingdom.

We meet on the last Thursday of each month in the fellowship hall at Tooele Community United Methodist Church, 78 East Utah Ave., Tooele, UT 84074.

Please contact Norma McFarland at (435) 882-6145 or norma@erda.net for more information.

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